Land Between The Lakes Vlog by Dennis Bernhard

This was a fun adventure. I had never been to this area so I got to drive some back roads that were brand new, explore a new National Park (technically a recreation area) and even saw some Buffalo. 

All in all a good trip. 

Would you come to this park? Have you ever seen anything like it?

- Dennis

Land Between The Lakes Time Lapse Sunset by Dennis Bernhard

I started this journey in search of some dark skies to play with the milky way. While I wasn't able to find exactly what I was looking for with the dark skies, I did find a beautiful lake scene in Kentucky. 

I had no idea Kentucky had this kind of scenery in it. I spent an amazing afternoon, evening and night at an amazing campsite on the edge of a lake, watching the sun sink behind the horizon and night roll in. 

What's your favorite spot in Kentucky? Have you ever been to this National Park? 

- Dennis

Tampa Bay Time-lapse - 4K by Dennis Bernhard

I spent the weekend in Tampa for my cousin's wedding recently and got the chance to catch a sunset. It's not the view I was originally going for, but watching the sun dip into the water is an amazing sight. 

I had set out to incorporate the Sunshine Skyway bridge in my shot but couldn't find an vantage point that I liked. Driving back, I noticed some rocks right along the water that I thought would make for an interesting foreground. 

It was a beautiful March evening but there wasn't a cloud in the sky which limited the sunset some. Still, the orange band fading into a blue sky is always pretty. 

- Dennis

Pacific Ocean Sunset Time-lapse by Dennis Bernhard

I had to go to California for work last week. Since I was there, I stole a little time and went to the Newport Bach Pier for sunset. 

I've spent a good amount of time out west for work but I had never actually been to the beach, so it was a lot of fun playing with the Pacific for a sunset time-lapse. 

The sunset sank faster than I thought it would so I didn't get a great shot of it, but I did love the way the sky slowly turned from orange to a deep blue. 

Off in the distance you can see Catalina Island and oil rigs, which is a strange combination for me. 

I'm going back in a couple weeks and hope to do some more time-lapses. 

- Dennis 

Everglades National Park Vlog by Dennis Bernhard

This was day 2 of my trip to the Everglades and Keys this past winter. I stayed overnight in the Everglades National Park so I could be up very early for the sunrise. The sunrise turned out to be spectacular and worth every mosquito bite. 

I spent the rest of the morning exploring the park including a minor run in with an Alligator crossing a trail. 

Stayed turned for part 2 coming soon. 

What is your favorite part of Everglades National Park?

- Dennis