The Bund, Shanghai, China by Dennis Bernhard


I recently went to Shanghai, China for a quick trip. This next set of photos is from that trip, leading up to a time-lapse on Friday.

This is my favorite photo from the trip. Even though it was foggy and you can’t see the other buildings (one being the second tallest building on earth), you still get a great view of the Oriental Pearl tower.

I took this photo from the Bund, which is a very cool part of Shanghai that has a bunch of old colonial style buildings and incredibly fancy shopping. Of the many cool areas of Shanghai I visited, this was my favorite. The view of these buildings, especially lit up at night, is crazy beautiful.


Early Morning Love by Dennis Bernhard

Downtown Nashville early in the morning from Love Circle

Downtown Nashville early in the morning from Love Circle

Today’s post is the first in another sunrise series of Downtown Nashville. This time from Love Circle which is a cool park/high point in the middle of a very nice neighborhood, just outside downtown.

This particular sunrise had a very muddy feel to it. I’m not sure if it was from the clouds or maybe a little fog, but the colors weren’t as sharp which led to some really interesting colors.


Early Morning Nashville by Dennis Bernhard

Early Morning Sunrise

Early Morning Sunrise

I ventured back to my favorite spot in Nashville for a beautiful sunrise. This photo is from the first section of the video that I’ll post on Friday.

I love the way the deep orange fades into a deep blue as the first light of the day creeps over the horizon.


Downtown Denver Sunset Timelapse by Dennis Bernhard

I got to spend the 4th of July in one of my favorite places on earth, Denver, Colorado. Even though the sunset gods didn't favor me this day, I was still able to find an amazing spot to view downtown Denver and the Rocky Mountains behind it. The fireworks were much more impressive in person, but I think they still look cool in the timelapse.

- Dennis

Nashville By Night by Dennis Bernhard

Nashville By Night

After completing the sunset time-lapse I liked how the lights of the city were reflecting in the Cumberland River and decided to stick around to make a night photo. I've been to this spot a couple times but hadn't stayed this late. 

The lights from the buildings create a very interesting cylindrical reflection in the river. Combined with the buildings standing out against the night sky, I really liked this version of Nashville. 

What's your favorite view of Nashville?

- Dennis