Santa Monica California Time-lapse 4K by Dennis Bernhard

This was a fun time-lapse to shoot. I really love the way the roller coaster and ferris wheel turned out against the orange glow of the setting sun.


The World-Famous Pacific Park by Dennis Bernhard

The World-Famous Pacific Park against the setting sun.

The World-Famous Pacific Park against the setting sun.

I’ve wanted to create this photo for a while and it came together perfectly. The lights and motion of the rides set against a background of dark clouds and a setting sun.

I still find it astonishing that there is a theme park on a pier, but it sure it pretty.


The View From Palisades Park by Dennis Bernhard


This week’s posts are from the first stop on my December trip. It all started with a day in LA.

I hadn’t spent much time in Santa Monica so I decided to spend the afternoon there. I started in Palisades Park which provided this amazing view of the hills meeting the ocean.


Orange to Blue by Dennis Bernhard


Right after I stopped the time lapse, I wanted to grab one more photo. My goal was to smooth out the water some and concentrate of the deep orange right at the horizon. I grabbed my camera, quickly repositioned it (missing the streak of seawall on the right) and really dragged the shutter.

It didn't come out perfectly but I really like how deep the orange is and how it lightens as it goes up until it starts to darken again into a deep blue.

In retrospect I should have taken a beat longer and focused more on the foreground. Live and learn.

- Dennis 

Pacific Ocean Landscape by Dennis Bernhard

Day gives way to night

This was my favorite still from the time-lapse I posted yesterday. There's so much happening that I don't normally get to see. 

Beyond the deep intense orange giving way to the deep blue, in this photo you can see Catalina Island to the left, two oil rigs toward the middle and Long Beach to the right. 

I like how the lights of the city line the water, waiting patiently for the full darkness of night to come. 

- Dennis

Pacific Ocean Sunset Time-lapse by Dennis Bernhard

I had to go to California for work last week. Since I was there, I stole a little time and went to the Newport Bach Pier for sunset. 

I've spent a good amount of time out west for work but I had never actually been to the beach, so it was a lot of fun playing with the Pacific for a sunset time-lapse. 

The sunset sank faster than I thought it would so I didn't get a great shot of it, but I did love the way the sky slowly turned from orange to a deep blue. 

Off in the distance you can see Catalina Island and oil rigs, which is a strange combination for me. 

I'm going back in a couple weeks and hope to do some more time-lapses. 

- Dennis 

Lifeguard Sunrise by Dennis Bernhard

Lifeguard Sunrise

I'm not a big fan of the beach, but there is something about being there in the dark, and watching the sky and ocean come to life as the sun rises. It's magical. This particular morning was even more incredible because of how calm the ocean was. I've only ever seen it this calm a handful times in my entire life. The stillness of the water added an extra element of serenity to this picturesque scene. 

This spot is at the tip of Miami Beach. It's as south as you can get on South Beach, a place called South Pointe Park. I've always admired the lifeguard towers on Miami Beach. Most of them are very colorful and very "Miami". I like this one because it's painted as if it was a lighthouse, which is interesting because it's only a few yards away from the major entrance to the Port of Miami that ironically doesn't have a lighthouse. 

Tell me about your favorite time at the beach. Do you like to get up early for a beach sunrise?

- Dennis