Amsterdam Time-lapse 4K by Dennis Bernhard

This past November I got to spend three days running around Amsterdam taking in all the sights and sounds the city has to offer. The canals and architecture are impossibly scenic. It’s a bustling city full of cars, bikes, trams and smiling people. And like a scene straight out of a movie, you can stumble upon a giant chess match between two old men.


Crane City by Dennis Bernhard

Two of the many cranes around Nashville.

Two of the many cranes around Nashville.

If you’ve spent any time in Nashville you’ve seen all of the cranes around town. I like this photo because of the way the cranes frame up the Children’s Hospital and really stand out against the dark, muddy sunrise behind.


Marys Peak Timelapse by Dennis Bernhard

I was lucky enough to get a work trip to Corvallis, Oregon recently and was able to sneak away for a few hours to check out Marys Peak. 

I was a little disappointed when I got to the top and it was completely boxed in by clouds. But I was still able to find two cool views a little further down the mountain. 

And the drive up and down the mountain in my rented CTX was amazing. 

- Dennis

San Francisco Time-lapse by Dennis Bernhard

I visited San Francisco for the first time in early March. I've spent years looking at all of the iconic photos fog, bridges, and steep streets. It was very cool to get to run around the city and actually see them in person. 

While the weather didn't fully cooperate (I never got to actually see the Golden Gate Bridge), The temp was perfect and what I did get to see was spectacular. 

Have you ever been to San Francisco? What's your favorite part?

- Dennis 

Nashville's Parthenon Time-lapse by Dennis Bernhard

We got the first of what most people consider to be nice weather, last week in Nashville. Even though it was cloudy, the temperature was in the 70s and that usually bring people out in throngs. I think that's too hot but that's a different post. 

With the "nice" weather and people out, I knew Centennial Park would be packed. I already had planned to catch a sunset over the Parthenon but thought it would add a cool extra feature to have people out and about around the building as well. 

Turns out the sunset never developed because of the cloud cover but the people milling around, the clouds moving through and the transition from day to night made for a pretty solid time-lapse. 

- Dennis



Arizona Landscape Timelapse by Dennis Bernhard

The most impressive aspect of the west for me, and this part of Arizona specifically, is the vastness of the landscape. You can see forever, which allows for incredible views of clouds and rain storms as they pass over. 

It's incredible to me how you can see the rain falling from the clouds and hitting the ground. 

- Dennis 

New Mexico Sunset Timelapse by Dennis Bernhard

This was a fun day. The weather broke enough to allow me to focus on some isolated storms and this awesome sunset behind the mountains in the distance. 

My favorite part though is the cows grazing in the prairie. They look so tiny and are moving so fast. 

- Dennis