Amsterdam Time-lapse 4K by Dennis Bernhard

This past November I got to spend three days running around Amsterdam taking in all the sights and sounds the city has to offer. The canals and architecture are impossibly scenic. It’s a bustling city full of cars, bikes, trams and smiling people. And like a scene straight out of a movie, you can stumble upon a giant chess match between two old men.


Bright Yellow by Dennis Bernhard

Yellow tree on the banks of Radnor Lake

Yellow tree on the banks of Radnor Lake

I really wanted to capture some reflections in the lake but it was a little too windy for long reflections. I still love the way the bright yellow on these leaves popped against the green around it and reflected in the little bit of calm water below.


Radnor Lake State Park by Dennis Bernhard

Radnor Lake State Park

Radnor Lake State Park

I ventured to Radnor Lake State Park in hopes of catching the last bits of fall. I liked this photo because the setting sun had started to dip below a near by hill, simultaneously bathing the trees in beautiful golden hour light and chilling shadow.


Nashville's Parthenon Time-lapse by Dennis Bernhard

We got the first of what most people consider to be nice weather, last week in Nashville. Even though it was cloudy, the temperature was in the 70s and that usually bring people out in throngs. I think that's too hot but that's a different post. 

With the "nice" weather and people out, I knew Centennial Park would be packed. I already had planned to catch a sunset over the Parthenon but thought it would add a cool extra feature to have people out and about around the building as well. 

Turns out the sunset never developed because of the cloud cover but the people milling around, the clouds moving through and the transition from day to night made for a pretty solid time-lapse. 

- Dennis



Land Between The Lakes Vlog by Dennis Bernhard

This was a fun adventure. I had never been to this area so I got to drive some back roads that were brand new, explore a new National Park (technically a recreation area) and even saw some Buffalo. 

All in all a good trip. 

Would you come to this park? Have you ever seen anything like it?

- Dennis

Land Between The Lakes Time Lapse Sunset by Dennis Bernhard

I started this journey in search of some dark skies to play with the milky way. While I wasn't able to find exactly what I was looking for with the dark skies, I did find a beautiful lake scene in Kentucky. 

I had no idea Kentucky had this kind of scenery in it. I spent an amazing afternoon, evening and night at an amazing campsite on the edge of a lake, watching the sun sink behind the horizon and night roll in. 

What's your favorite spot in Kentucky? Have you ever been to this National Park? 

- Dennis

100 Years Of National Parks by Dennis Bernhard

Sunrise over Everglades National Park

Today is the 100th anniversary of the National Parks System. I wanted to share one of my favorite photos from Everglades National Park. I was lucky enough to capture this sunrise in the park last December on a magical morning.

This park was a huge part of my life growing up. I spent countless weekends fishing and exploring this park. I'm lucky to have had those experiences and look forward to exploring more parks across the country in the futures.

Here's to 100 years of amazing sceneries!

What's your favorite story from a National Park?

- Dennis

Wild Turkey Shoot by Dennis Bernhard

Wild turkeys in Radnor Lake Park

Radnor Lake Park is a beautiful state park just outside of Nashville. The park is home to a lot of wildlife including wild turkeys, which I had no idea was a thing in this park.

I had gone on this trip as a sort of recon mission. Since the park is known to have a lot of wildlife, I wanted to familiarize myself with the park in early spring so I could go back once the trees and animals had returned. 

To my surprise I ran into two groups of turkeys on one of the trails. They didn't mind the few people around. They just slowly made their way through the woods by the trails picking at the ground for dinner. 

Having never seen a turkey up close, I had no idea they are actually pretty in an ugly kind of way. This group had blue heads, which again I had no idea was a thing.

Owl in a tree blending nicely. 

I also ran into a couple owls along the same trail. Both of them were very hard to spot as they were the exact color of the leafless trees. And both of them were playing very coy. They were facing away from the trail and would only turn their heads towards the trail from time to time. Otherwise, they sat with their backs to the trail and looked off into the woods. 

Have you been to Radnor Park? Where do you like to go to look for wildlife?

- Dennis

Everglades Sunrise by Dennis Bernhard

Everglades Sunrise

This photo was taken on the second day of my trip to the Everglades and Keys. This photo was taken at the campground lake in Everglades National Park. I drove in the night before, slept at the campgrounds near the lake and staked my spot super early.  

I was a little concerned that the sunrise wouldn't be able to break through the cloud cover, but instead the clouds helped to make the sunrise explode across the sky and last a lot longer than most sunrises. 

The mix of bright orange and deep purple was mesmerizing to me. So much so that I didn't even mind getting eaten alive by mosquitos to sit there and watch it. The colors came in waves, ebbing and flowing as the clouds moved across the sky.  

What's your favorite place in Everglades National Park?

- Dennis