Amsterdam Time-lapse 4K by Dennis Bernhard

This past November I got to spend three days running around Amsterdam taking in all the sights and sounds the city has to offer. The canals and architecture are impossibly scenic. It’s a bustling city full of cars, bikes, trams and smiling people. And like a scene straight out of a movie, you can stumble upon a giant chess match between two old men.


2018 Time-lapse Recap by Dennis Bernhard

2018 was a great year. I got to travel across the country and around the world. Here’s my best shots smooshed together into one day.

Thank you to everyone who watched my videos this year. This will be the last video for 2018. I’m off to Tokyo and India. Be on the look out for more videos in the new year.


The Oriental Pearl Tower by Dennis Bernhard

The Oriental Pearl Tower

The Oriental Pearl Tower

The Oriental Pearl is a beautiful building all of the time but especially at night. The lights add a spaceship like feel like to the needle like building.

There is a very cool Shanghai history museum in the bottom of this building as well.


The Bund, Shanghai, China by Dennis Bernhard


I recently went to Shanghai, China for a quick trip. This next set of photos is from that trip, leading up to a time-lapse on Friday.

This is my favorite photo from the trip. Even though it was foggy and you can’t see the other buildings (one being the second tallest building on earth), you still get a great view of the Oriental Pearl tower.

I took this photo from the Bund, which is a very cool part of Shanghai that has a bunch of old colonial style buildings and incredibly fancy shopping. Of the many cool areas of Shanghai I visited, this was my favorite. The view of these buildings, especially lit up at night, is crazy beautiful.


World's Fastest Cruise Ship Vlog by Dennis Bernhard

This was a beautiful (but still hot) December afternoon in Ft. Lauderdale. Despite the very loud bell it was a lot of fun capturing the Harmony of the Seas leaving port. 

- Dennis