Early Morning Nashville by Dennis Bernhard

Early Morning Sunrise

Early Morning Sunrise

I ventured back to my favorite spot in Nashville for a beautiful sunrise. This photo is from the first section of the video that I’ll post on Friday.

I love the way the deep orange fades into a deep blue as the first light of the day creeps over the horizon.


Went to Canada to look at America by Dennis Bernhard

Bright orange sky.

Bright orange sky.

I went to Detroit for a work trip recently. While I was there I ran over to Canada in hopes of catching a sunset over Downtown Detroit. The sun didn’t quite cooperate but I was able to catch these two shots over the Ambassador Bridge.

Moody sky after sundown.

Moody sky after sundown.

Marys Peak Timelapse by Dennis Bernhard

I was lucky enough to get a work trip to Corvallis, Oregon recently and was able to sneak away for a few hours to check out Marys Peak. 

I was a little disappointed when I got to the top and it was completely boxed in by clouds. But I was still able to find two cool views a little further down the mountain. 

And the drive up and down the mountain in my rented CTX was amazing. 

- Dennis

Big South Fork River by Dennis Bernhard

Big South Fork River

I spent a couple hours standing in the middle of this scene and it never got old. The water swirling and playing around my legs was cool and refreshing. The crisp spring air grew a chill as the sun slipped further and further behind the mountains. It was an incredibly connection with the world. 

I was only a few feet away from the spot where I took yesterday's photo but it was a completely different experience. Physically having my feet in the water (and the fear my camera meeting a watery grave) made me feel more connected with nature. 

Do you feel differences in similar experiences? How does it change your experience?

- Dennis

Broken Bridge to Nowhere by Dennis Bernhard

Bridge to Nowhere - Big South Fork National Reserve

I found this bridge in the Big South Fork National Reserve. There's so many things about it that I loved instantly.

It's in a beautiful gorge area, crossing a pristine river, surrounded by forrest. 

It looks old and broken, like a flood came through and destroyed it.

And it looks like it leads to nowhere. There's a hint of a trail on the other side but you can't quite make it out. A hint of adventures had a long time ago trapped in a time capsule of nature. 

I hung out at this spot and in the shallows of the river for a few hours as the sun sank in the sky. It was an incredibly peaceful experience. Aside from the few people that stopped by, it was just me and nature. The running water and crisp spring air swirling with my thoughts was amazingly refreshing. 

Have you ever been to Big South Fork? Where's your favorite place in the park?

- Dennis

The Nashville Parthenon by Dennis Bernhard

Sunrise at the Nashville Parthenon

Yes, you are seeing that correctly. It's a full size replica of the Parthenon in Athens. Right in the middle of Nashville, Tennessee. It was built in 1897 as part of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition.

It's a beautiful structure in a nice park. On warm days, there are families and groups of friends relaxing, tossing a frisbee and just having a good time.  The structure itself is immaculate.

I like the way this photo shows the detail in the building. The way the green light makes it stand out against the deep blue early morning sky as it gives way to the rising sun. And even though my centering wasn't dead on, I like the pathway leading into the building. 

Mostly though, it just blows my mind that someone would build an exact replica of the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee in the 19th century. 

- Dennis