Broken Bridge to Nowhere / by Dennis Bernhard

Bridge to Nowhere - Big South Fork National Reserve

I found this bridge in the Big South Fork National Reserve. There's so many things about it that I loved instantly.

It's in a beautiful gorge area, crossing a pristine river, surrounded by forrest. 

It looks old and broken, like a flood came through and destroyed it.

And it looks like it leads to nowhere. There's a hint of a trail on the other side but you can't quite make it out. A hint of adventures had a long time ago trapped in a time capsule of nature. 

I hung out at this spot and in the shallows of the river for a few hours as the sun sank in the sky. It was an incredibly peaceful experience. Aside from the few people that stopped by, it was just me and nature. The running water and crisp spring air swirling with my thoughts was amazingly refreshing. 

Have you ever been to Big South Fork? Where's your favorite place in the park?

- Dennis