Almost Crashed My Drone - Route 66 Road Trip Day 5 by Dennis Bernhard

This was a full day on Route 66. I got visit The Big Texan, Cadillac Ranch, drive a dirt road, play with and almost crash my drone, drive into New Mexico and end the day with an awesome sunset time lapse.  

- Dennis

Giant Nashville Mural by Dennis Bernhard

Nashville is full of murals. Recently, there was a new one added to the Nations neighborhood. The mural was done by an Australian artist named Guido Van Helten. It stands 15 stories tall and is incredibly impressive. 

I thought it would make a great subject for a drone flight. It's awesome to see how the different perspectives and angles highlight different areas of the mural. 

Here's a link to an article on mural if you'd like to read more. 

Have you noticed this mural? Have you ever seen another like it?

- Dennis

Tampa Bay Time-lapse - 4K by Dennis Bernhard

I spent the weekend in Tampa for my cousin's wedding recently and got the chance to catch a sunset. It's not the view I was originally going for, but watching the sun dip into the water is an amazing sight. 

I had set out to incorporate the Sunshine Skyway bridge in my shot but couldn't find an vantage point that I liked. Driving back, I noticed some rocks right along the water that I thought would make for an interesting foreground. 

It was a beautiful March evening but there wasn't a cloud in the sky which limited the sunset some. Still, the orange band fading into a blue sky is always pretty. 

- Dennis

Abandoned Motel - 4K by Dennis Bernhard

This wasn't a planned video. On Day 2 of my drive to move to Nashville I happened to pick a road with this old, abandoned motel on it. As soon as I saw it, I knew what I had to do. I immediately pulled a U-turn and went back to capture this scene. 

It was almost as if this was a movie set. It was perfectly weather warn and crumbling. I'm lucky it was the middle of the day and perfectly sunny out or I would have been terrified. Talk about the perfect haunted house. 

Even with the sun high in the sky, it had a very erie feeling to it. I'm sure there are countless stories of travelers who have stayed there over the years trapped in the crumbling walls. 

Nashville Abandoned Factory - 4K by Dennis Bernhard

I found this abandoned factory a few blocks from my apartment and couldn't wait to explore it with my drone. This old building along the Cumberland river is both mysterious and beautiful. I had a great time exploring it and imagining what it was like in it's prime. 

Where is your favorite place to explore old buildings?

- Dennis

Feeding Ballet by Dennis Bernhard

The sun had just cleared the horizon as I finished photographing the sunrise. My goal was to explore the beach, the jetty and lifeguard tower with my drone. As I took off over the lifeguard tower I immediately noticed something in the water. 

The water was so still and clear it was impossible not to notice the massive schools of mullet and the tarpon herding them. My plans immediately changed. My only goal was to capture the groups of mullet as they expanded and contracted like wax in a lava lamp. 

Have you ever seen a fish run like this? Have you ever seen such incredible animal activity right next to such tamed beauty?

- Dennis