Almost Crashed My Drone - Route 66 Road Trip Day 5 by Dennis Bernhard

This was a full day on Route 66. I got visit The Big Texan, Cadillac Ranch, drive a dirt road, play with and almost crash my drone, drive into New Mexico and end the day with an awesome sunset time lapse.  

- Dennis

Southbound 35 - Route 66 Road Trip Day 4 by Dennis Bernhard

This was an interesting day with a wide range of emotions. I got to visit a fun store full of a million different kinds of soda, drive on a road while singing a song named after it and visit the incredibly moving Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum.  

- Dennis

A Texas Road by Dennis Bernhard

A Texas road

I've always loved rolling hills. There's just something about driving over them and the way they look in photos that has always attracted me. I think it's because I grew up in South Florida and the closest thing we have to a hill there is a highway overpass. 

So when I saw this stretch of road in Texas, there was no doubt I had to stop and make a photograph. 

The best part? I stood in the middle of this road for 10 minuets and no other vehicles passed by. Pretty incredible. 

- Dennis