Cumberland River

Failed Fireworks Vlog by Dennis Bernhard

I love fireworks and thought it would be cool to do a time lapse of the show in downtown Nashville last night. Of course I didn't plan properly and got some bad luck with the wind, but I made a thing. 

Take a look and let me know what you think. 

- Dennis

Nashville By Night by Dennis Bernhard

Nashville By Night

After completing the sunset time-lapse I liked how the lights of the city were reflecting in the Cumberland River and decided to stick around to make a night photo. I've been to this spot a couple times but hadn't stayed this late. 

The lights from the buildings create a very interesting cylindrical reflection in the river. Combined with the buildings standing out against the night sky, I really liked this version of Nashville. 

What's your favorite view of Nashville?

- Dennis

Nashville Time-Lapse by Dennis Bernhard

I ventured back to one of my favorite spots in Nashville. This time in search of the Holy Grail of time-lapse, the day to night sunset. 

This spot is great for time-lapse because it offers multiple layers of activity. You get the action on the river in the foreground. The hustle and bustle of Broadway in the middle and the clouds and sunset in the background. 

I got extremely luck with this sunset. The clouds danced and played with the sun as it sank behind the building, casting a beautiful orange glow and turned into a deep blue night. 

What is your favorite time-lapse subject?

- Dennis

Nashville by Night by Dennis Bernhard

Downtown Nashville from the Cumberland River

This was my second attempt at capturing this photo. Ironically, this was the second failed attempt. I originally set out to capture a sunset from this lower angle, but couldn't get a shot I liked. Only this time, I decided to wait a little longer and turn it into a night photo. Luckily I had the patience to wait that night, because I love the way this photo turned out.

The sky had almost completely transitioned from dusk to night with only a sliver of deep blue still visible near the horizon. 

The lights of Downtown Nashville reflect beautifully off the calm Cumberland River. 

The Batman (AT&T) building stands tall next to an attention attracting sky light reaching towards space.

The air was calm, crisp and cool. It was one of the last chilly nights of the spring. 

Which photo of downtown do you like better. The lower or higher angle. 

- Dennis 

A Nashville Sunset by Dennis Bernhard

Downtown Nashville at sunset. 

This is a pretty iconic view of downtown Nashville. It didn't take long living here to see this view in many photos used by local companies. It makes a lot of sense. It's a very nice view of downtown and It's in a very nice and easy to get to location. In fact, as I arrived to take this photo, a photographer had just finished up taking photos of a couple that had just gotten engaged. 

I normally try to avoid replicating photos that I've seen in many different places. But there was something about this view that made me want to try anyway. There is something about the calmness of the river at sunset, butting up against the bustling entertainment area of Nashville's downtown that I find very interesting and beautiful. 

Even though the river was very calm and the trees stood bare of leaves from winter, you could feel the energy and excitement of the night to come radiating out from downtown. As the sun dipped lower below the horizon, giving way to a deep blue sky, the feeling of excitement grew until you could hear the crowds mingling in and out of restaurants and bars clearly cross the silent river.

Have you been to Nashville? Have you ever seen this view before? 

- Dennis

Nashville Abandoned Factory - 4K by Dennis Bernhard

I found this abandoned factory a few blocks from my apartment and couldn't wait to explore it with my drone. This old building along the Cumberland river is both mysterious and beautiful. I had a great time exploring it and imagining what it was like in it's prime. 

Where is your favorite place to explore old buildings?

- Dennis