A Nashville Sunset / by Dennis Bernhard

Downtown Nashville at sunset. 

This is a pretty iconic view of downtown Nashville. It didn't take long living here to see this view in many photos used by local companies. It makes a lot of sense. It's a very nice view of downtown and It's in a very nice and easy to get to location. In fact, as I arrived to take this photo, a photographer had just finished up taking photos of a couple that had just gotten engaged. 

I normally try to avoid replicating photos that I've seen in many different places. But there was something about this view that made me want to try anyway. There is something about the calmness of the river at sunset, butting up against the bustling entertainment area of Nashville's downtown that I find very interesting and beautiful. 

Even though the river was very calm and the trees stood bare of leaves from winter, you could feel the energy and excitement of the night to come radiating out from downtown. As the sun dipped lower below the horizon, giving way to a deep blue sky, the feeling of excitement grew until you could hear the crowds mingling in and out of restaurants and bars clearly cross the silent river.

Have you been to Nashville? Have you ever seen this view before? 

- Dennis