Nashville by Night / by Dennis Bernhard

Downtown Nashville from the Cumberland River

This was my second attempt at capturing this photo. Ironically, this was the second failed attempt. I originally set out to capture a sunset from this lower angle, but couldn't get a shot I liked. Only this time, I decided to wait a little longer and turn it into a night photo. Luckily I had the patience to wait that night, because I love the way this photo turned out.

The sky had almost completely transitioned from dusk to night with only a sliver of deep blue still visible near the horizon. 

The lights of Downtown Nashville reflect beautifully off the calm Cumberland River. 

The Batman (AT&T) building stands tall next to an attention attracting sky light reaching towards space.

The air was calm, crisp and cool. It was one of the last chilly nights of the spring. 

Which photo of downtown do you like better. The lower or higher angle. 

- Dennis