Slow Motion Water Ballet by Dennis Bernhard

We had a cold, rainy, pretty much miserable weekend in Nashville. I had planned to go out and shoot a sunset this weekend, but with the weather, that was impossible. Instead I played inside with water and slow motion.

I've always found the way that Crystal Light dissolves in water to very visually appealing. I wanted to see what it would look like in slow motion and in a larger body of water. The result is pretty cool. Mesmerizing at times. Combined with the music it is a slow motion water ballet. 

- Dennis

Feeding Ballet by Dennis Bernhard

The sun had just cleared the horizon as I finished photographing the sunrise. My goal was to explore the beach, the jetty and lifeguard tower with my drone. As I took off over the lifeguard tower I immediately noticed something in the water. 

The water was so still and clear it was impossible not to notice the massive schools of mullet and the tarpon herding them. My plans immediately changed. My only goal was to capture the groups of mullet as they expanded and contracted like wax in a lava lamp. 

Have you ever seen a fish run like this? Have you ever seen such incredible animal activity right next to such tamed beauty?

- Dennis