Harvest Moon by Dennis Bernhard

Fall Full Moon

This is the same full moon as the photo I posted a few days ago. In this photo my goal was to focus solely on the moon and try to get some of the geographical features to show. 

The moon is one of my favorite subjects to photograph because it can look so different depending on how you approach the photo. 

Next I'd like to experiment with some really long lenses to get a really up close view. 

What's your favorite photo of the moon?

- Dennis

Full Moon Rising by Dennis Bernhard

Full Moon Rising

I spent an early fall evening perched on top of a hospital parking garage hunting a full moon. This was a fun photo to make. I really had to earn it.

There was a thick layer of clouds right on the horizon that I knew would be trouble. I was hoping the moon would either break through or the clouds would thin out. 

I waited impatiently as the minutes ticked by. Just as I was about to lose hope, I could see a sliver of the orange moon peeking through the clouds. 

It wasn't my ideal framing, but the new Westin hotel with the ever present Nashville cranes made a nice setting for a bright orange full moon.

I'll definitely be back at this spot, especially for a sunrise. 

- Dennis 

Monroe Station Burns Down by Dennis Bernhard

Monroe Station, Big Cypress National Preserve, Florida

This is Monroe Station. It's one of my favorite photos I've ever taken. Monroe Station was built in the 20's, served as one of the first gas stations on the Tamiami Trail, a sheriff's outpost and in 2005 was named a national historical site. 

Tragically it was burned to the ground on April 9th after an idiot climbed on the roof and attempted to light paint (lighting steel wool on fire and spinning it) while his friends took photos below. 

It's strange to feel sadness for a building that I've only been to a few times in my life. But sitting in the dark in front of this place on a cold January night, looking up at the stars will be a memory I'll keep with me forever.

Have you ever been to Monroe Station? What's your memory of it? 

- Dennis