Post Concert Thoughts - VEDA Day 14 by Dennis Bernhard

I went to a concert for a 70's cover band named Yacht Rock Revue tonight. Afterwards I started thinking about their popularity and what they do. Singing songs they love every day. By the very nature of what they do, they are limiting their fan base but does that not matter if they can make a living doing what they love?

Recon Mission - VEDA Day 13 by Dennis Bernhard

There's a photo in my head that I've been trying to get out since I move to Nashville. I've been to the state capital building at least 5 times trying to find the right angel and nothing seems to work. It's incredibly frustrating. 

Have you had a situation like this? Tell me about it. 

Camping Gear Christmas Part 2 - VEDA Day 12 by Dennis Bernhard

I got the second shipment of camping gear which is a tent and sleeping pad. I now have my basic setup and I'm ready to do some camping. Of course I can't go this weekend, but I will hopefully be going in a couple weeks. 

Let me know if you think I need an additional foot print for my tent. The tent has a bottom but I've heard that you always need a foot print. I have no idea. 

Downtown Nashville Photo - VEDA Day 2 by Dennis Bernhard

I've been trying to make a sunset photo of Downtown Nashville for a while now. This was my third attempt. Second from this spot. I'm not sure if it's the angle from being at this spot or if I'm just getting unlucky but the sunsets are not popping the way I need them to. 

Never the less, I decided to stick around a little longer and turn this into a night photo. I think it will turn out well. It'll take a couple weeks, but check out my site for the finished photo.

What's your favorite spot for a sunset photo?