Lone Star by Dennis Bernhard

Lone Star

Right before I packed up and left this spot, this lone star (maybe it's a planet or something else, I don't really know) in the sky caught my eye. I was intrigued by the bright light in the sky over the fading sunset and thought it would make an interesting vertical shot. 

- Dennis


Ball Of Orange by Dennis Bernhard

Ball Of Orange

This is my favorite still from the time-lapse I posted on Monday. It took a lot of calculating, but I was able to figure out how to get the sun to fit right in between the gap in the bridge.

I'm totally lying. This was complete luck. But I do love how this firey ball of orange slides perfectly through the gap in the bridge. The lens flare coming off the left side and the train going across the bridge.

It's always good to understand what you are doing and have skill. It's sometimes better to just get lucky.

- Dennis 

Mississippi River Sunset by Dennis Bernhard

Mississippi River Sunset

At the end of the time-lapse the sky was still putting on an amazing show.

The deep orange of the horizon reached toward the dark blue of the sky. 

The clouds stretched across the sky. 

The river was rushing by. 

The bridge began to light up with bright white lights. 

There was one more photo waiting to be captured. 

- Dennis

Mississippi Sunset Time-lapse by Dennis Bernhard

I've always loved rivers. Having grown up in South Florida, I'm used to water. But there is something about rivers that I find interesting and beautiful. 

Ever since I moved to Nashville about a year ago, I wanted to visit Memphis. Both to explore the city and to play with the Mississippi. I couple weeks ago, I decided I had waited long enough and made the trip. And I'm glad I did. 

I went to Ashburn-Coppock Park, a beautiful park right along the Mississippi river in the Riverfront area of downtown Memphis. I picked out the perfect spot. Right on the river, in line with the sunset and one of the beautiful bridges spanning the Mississippi.

Most importantly, the photography gods were on my side. I was graced with a beautiful sunset. The clouds danced around. The sun sank in the perfect spot. And the sky turned from bright blue to deep orange to dark blue.

I'll definitely be back to play with the Mississippi again.

- Dennis