Wild Turkey Shoot by Dennis Bernhard

Wild turkeys in Radnor Lake Park

Radnor Lake Park is a beautiful state park just outside of Nashville. The park is home to a lot of wildlife including wild turkeys, which I had no idea was a thing in this park.

I had gone on this trip as a sort of recon mission. Since the park is known to have a lot of wildlife, I wanted to familiarize myself with the park in early spring so I could go back once the trees and animals had returned. 

To my surprise I ran into two groups of turkeys on one of the trails. They didn't mind the few people around. They just slowly made their way through the woods by the trails picking at the ground for dinner. 

Having never seen a turkey up close, I had no idea they are actually pretty in an ugly kind of way. This group had blue heads, which again I had no idea was a thing.

Owl in a tree blending nicely. 

I also ran into a couple owls along the same trail. Both of them were very hard to spot as they were the exact color of the leafless trees. And both of them were playing very coy. They were facing away from the trail and would only turn their heads towards the trail from time to time. Otherwise, they sat with their backs to the trail and looked off into the woods. 

Have you been to Radnor Park? Where do you like to go to look for wildlife?

- Dennis