Cummins Falls

Frozen Waterfall Timelapse by Dennis Bernhard

Frozen Cummins Falls is like a winter wonderland. Large icicles reaching down from the top of the falls cover the many ledges and levels. The ever present water continues to flow over the pure white ice which pops off of the brown rock surrounding it. 

Have you ever been to a frozen waterfall? 

- Dennis  

Cummins Falls Landscape by Dennis Bernhard

Cummins Falls - Cummins Falls State Park

This is the first of many waterfalls I want to visit this summer. Cummins Falls is located in Cummins Falls State Park which is about an hour and half east of Nashville. 

The falls is located at the bottom of a 1.5 mile hike from the parking area. It's a beautiful hike through a nice wooded area down to the river. Once at the river, it's a short 1/4 hike along side and through the river to the falls. 

The falls is in a beautiful cove like area. The walls of the falls curve around to form one side of a peaceful swimming hole. The other side is surrounded by boulders creating ample perches for the many visitors that frequent the falls during the summer. 

The only downside, if you can call it that, is the amount of people that visit the falls. Due to the beauty of the falls and swimming hole, it tends to fill up with people. On a nice summer day, it can be hard to find a rock to call home for the day. If you want to have your choice or spots, or even have the place to yourself, you need to be there early. 

Have you ever been to Cummins Falls? What is your favorite part?

- Dennis