Mississippi Sunset Time-lapse - 4K

I've always loved rivers. Having grown up in South Florida, I'm used to water. But there is something about rivers that I find interesting and beautiful. 

Ever since I moved to Nashville about a year ago, I wanted to visit Memphis. Both to explore the city and to play with the Mississippi. I couple weeks ago, I decided I had waited long enough and made the trip. And I'm glad I did. 

I went to Ashburn-Coppock Park, a beautiful park right along the Mississippi river in the Riverfront area of downtown Memphis. I picked out the perfect spot. Right on the river, in line with the sunset and one of the beautiful bridges spanning the Mississippi.

Most importantly, the photography gods were on my side. I was graced with a beautiful sunset. The clouds danced around. The sun sank in the perfect spot. And the sky turned from bright blue to deep orange to dark blue.

Nashville Time-Lapse

This spot is great for time-lapse because it offers multiple layers of activity. You get the action on the river in the foreground. The hustle and bustle of Broadway in the middle and the clouds and sunset in the background. 

I got extremely luck with this sunset. The clouds danced and played with the sun as it sank behind the building, casting a beautiful orange glow and turned into a deep blue night.