Everglades National Park

100 Years Of National Parks by Dennis Bernhard

Sunrise over Everglades National Park

Today is the 100th anniversary of the National Parks System. I wanted to share one of my favorite photos from Everglades National Park. I was lucky enough to capture this sunrise in the park last December on a magical morning.

This park was a huge part of my life growing up. I spent countless weekends fishing and exploring this park. I'm lucky to have had those experiences and look forward to exploring more parks across the country in the futures.

Here's to 100 years of amazing sceneries!

What's your favorite story from a National Park?

- Dennis

Florida Keys Vlog by Dennis Bernhard

This is the second part of Day 2 of my trip. I started out in Everglades National Park and ventured down to the keys. It's one of the most beautiful drives you'll find anywhere. I explored all the way down to the Seven mile bridge looking for a spot to make a sunset photo. I found a nice spot but unfortunately couldn't get the photo to turn out the way I wanted.

It didn't matter though. It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed the adventure. 

Have you been to the Florida Keys? Where is your favorite place to go in the Keys?

- Dennis

Everglades National Park Vlog by Dennis Bernhard

This was day 2 of my trip to the Everglades and Keys this past winter. I stayed overnight in the Everglades National Park so I could be up very early for the sunrise. The sunrise turned out to be spectacular and worth every mosquito bite. 

I spent the rest of the morning exploring the park including a minor run in with an Alligator crossing a trail. 

Stayed turned for part 2 coming soon. 

What is your favorite part of Everglades National Park?

- Dennis

Everglades Sunrise by Dennis Bernhard

Everglades Sunrise

This photo was taken on the second day of my trip to the Everglades and Keys. This photo was taken at the campground lake in Everglades National Park. I drove in the night before, slept at the campgrounds near the lake and staked my spot super early.  

I was a little concerned that the sunrise wouldn't be able to break through the cloud cover, but instead the clouds helped to make the sunrise explode across the sky and last a lot longer than most sunrises. 

The mix of bright orange and deep purple was mesmerizing to me. So much so that I didn't even mind getting eaten alive by mosquitos to sit there and watch it. The colors came in waves, ebbing and flowing as the clouds moved across the sky.  

What's your favorite place in Everglades National Park?

- Dennis