Downtown Nashville Sunset Time-lapse / by Dennis Bernhard

I've been to this spot a few times, but always to play with the moon. This time I wanted to play with the sunset. More the sun, than the actual sunset. I also wanted to play with a couple new techniques. 

Since I would be pointing my camera away from the sunset, my goal was to capture the light from the setting sun as it danced across the buildings. I also wanted to try to use my drone for time-lapse as well. 

I did capture a few moments of the orange setting sunlight reflecting off the buildings, but not nearly what I was hoping for. The drone as time-lapse platform was even less successful. While the shot looks good, it's just not stable enough to pull it off. 

With that said, It was still a lovely evening and I did like the way the music lined up with the edit. I do wish the clouds stayed a little higher but all in all it was a good adventure.  

What do you think about this video? Where would you like to see me shoot next?

- Dennis