Big South Fork Angel Falls / by Dennis Bernhard

Big South Fork River - Angel Falls

This is Angel Falls at the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. It's less of a waterfall and more of a rapid, but beautiful none the less. 

The falls reside at the end of a two mile hike down a picturesque (and easy) trail starting at the Leatherwood Ford parking area. The trail meanders along side the river providing both views of the river and hillside/cliffside that lines the river. 

The falls itself sits at the end of the trail and while it wasn't exactly what I expected, once I sat there for a minute and took in the surroundings I was pleasantly surprised. The volume of water moving through the rapids is impressive. You can feel the power of the water bouncing and swirling around the rocks as it continues to make it's way down stream. 

Have you ever been to Angel Falls? What did you think of the hike and falls?

- Dennis